Lynzkatz National, Regional and Breed Winners

We’re so very proud of the Lynzkatz cats and kittens who have won special recognition as National Winners (NW), Regional Winners (RW) and Breed Winners (BW) in the Cat Fanciers’ Association. These are the highest honors CFA can award. To become a National, Breed or Regional Winner a cat or kitten needs to be an exemplar of its breed in both type and temperament. It takes an exceptional cat to deal with all the grooming, traveling and competition that goes on in a show hall week after week.


GP, NW Daisy Dalrymple

CFA – Best Cat in Premiership

fiona scottish fold

GC, BW, NW Imprimis Fiona of Lynzkatz

scrump ash

GC, GPD, NW Lynzkatz Scrumpdillyicious

GC, NW Furry Fun Xena of Lynzkatz

gracie scottish fold female

NW Lynzkatz Goodnight Gracie

cool jazz

GP, NW Lynzkatz Cool Jazz of Kapa

sir william

GC, NW KCDancers Sir William, DM

GC, GP, NW Best Star Line Tattoo of Lynzkatz

scottish fold NW mio

GC, NW Dark Princess Mio Mio of Lynzkatz

scottish fold caf national winner

GP, NW Charm Mio Mio of Lynzkatz

Lynzkatz Possum American shorthair cat

GC, BW, NW Dovon Simon the Possumm of Lynzkatz, DM

yatfung american shorthair

GC, BWI, NW Yatfung’s Cobra JR!!! of Glam-Rex

brown tabby american shorthair

GC, NW Dovon Clark of Lynzkatz

bear american shorthair brown tabby cat

GP, RW Lynzkatz Ursa Major of MacDuff

lynzkatz cracker jack

GC, RW Lynzkatz Cracker Jack

Lynzkatz Fitz Mularkey of MacDuff

GP, RW Lynzkatz Fitz Mularkey of MacDuff

Lynzkatz rocky road cat

GP, RW Lynzkatz Rocky Road

red american shorthair cat

GP, RW Lynzkatz Red Sharkey

brown american shorthair tabby

GP, NW Lynzkatz EyeoftheTiger of Bryn Mawr

rascal flatt silver american shorthair cat

GC, RW Lynzkatz Rascal Flatts of KCDancers

american shorthair buster brown

GC, RW Satiricats Buster Brown of Lynzkatz

american shorthair bobby brown

GC, RW Lynzkatz Bobby Brown of Naughty’s