Distinguished Merit Cats

The Distinguished Merit award is given to males who have produced 10 Grand Champions/Grand Premiers and to females who have produced 5 Grand Champions/Grand Premiers.

As breeders, the DM award is something we constantly work toward, as it is an indication of a very successful breeding program when so many of your breeding cats’ offspring grow up to be great cats as well.

dm amelia butterwork ash

CH Lynzkatz Amelia Butterworth, DM

tiger honey ASH DM

CH Lynzkatz Tiger Honey of Dovon, DM

GC Lynzkatz Red Baron, DM

CH Lynzkatz Diva, DM

CH Lynzkatz Diva, DM

GC Walnuthollow’s Ganache of Lynzkatz, DM

CH Lynzkatz Andromeda, DM

CH Lynzkatz Heat Lightning DM

CH Lynzkatz Heat Lightning, DM

CH GP Friday's Berry Patch of Lynzkatz DM

CH GP Friday’s Berry Patch of Lynzkatz, DM

GC Lynzkatz Polly Abdul DM

GC Lynzkatz Polly Abdul, DM

GC Lynzkatz Kirby of Walnuthallow, DM

CH Satiricats Brown Sugar of Lynzkatz DM

CH Satiricats Brown Sugar of Lynzkatz, DM

CH Lynzkatz Swiss Miss DM

CH Lynzkatz Swiss Miss, DM

sir william

GC, NW KCDancers Sir William, DM

CH Lynzkatz Cognac Diamond of Dovon, DM


GC, BW, NW Dovon Simon the Possumm of Lynzkatz, DM