Scottish Fold Kittens Available!

A Scottish Fold breeder we highly recommend, who is located in South Carolina, has Scottish Fold kittens available now.

There are 4 longhair folded males, 1 shorthair folded male, 1 longhair straight ear female and 3 shorthair straight ear females. For more information, visit the website by clicking the button.

long hair fold
fold white silver
straight ear fold

American Shorthair and Scottish Fold Kittens

Lynzkatz expects litters of shorthair Scottish Folds and Straights in January and February. American Shorthairs in silver and brown tabby with and without white are expected in February. Contact us for availability.
american shorthair kittens
available girl jan 2022

This lovely silver adult female will be available at the beginning of Summer, 2022.
Please contact me with questions if you are interested.