Scottish Folds

"Scotland the Brave" Click play to listen.

GC BWR NW Imprimis Fiona of Lynzkatz
Brown Patched Tabby and White Scottish Fold
2019 8th Best Cat in Championship
3rd Best Cat in Championship Great Lakes Region
11th Best Kitten GLR

Imprimis Genevieve of Lynzkatz
Brown Patched Mackerel Tabby and White Straight Ear

Imprimis Jolene of Lynzkatz,
Smoke Calico Scottish Fold Female

Imprimis Josie of Lynzkatz
Blue Patched Mackerel and White Scottish Straight Ear

Lynzkatz Jameson,
Brown Tabby Scottish Straight Ear Male
Sire: GC BWR NW Amber Snow Marmite
Dam: Lynzkatz Cosmic Brownie

Amber Snow Berry Jam of Lynzkatz 
Brown Patched Tabby
Straight Ear

Lynzkatz Ainsley
Silver Patched Tabby and White Scottish Fold Female

GC Lynzkatz MacGregor
Red Tabby and White Scottish Fold Male

Our first two home bred Grands

GP RW Lynzkatz Angus
Brown Tabby Scottish Fold SH Neuter

Grand Champion Lynzkatz Malcolm
Silver Tabby Scottish Fold Shorthair Male
Great Lakes Region's Best SH Scottish Fold

GC, NW Dark Princess Mio Mio of Lynzkatz
Brown Tabby Longhair Female

est Star Line Tattoo of Lynzkatz
9th Best Cat in Premiership 2017

Divo Divnoe Lady Secret of Lynzkatz
Dilute Calico Longhair Scottish Fold Female

Honeymur Tiramisu of Lynzkatz
Silver Patched Tabby and White Longhair
Scottish Fold Female

Mishel Mon Sheri Ami 
Blue Patched Tabby and White
Longhair Scottish Fold Female

GP, NW Giant Charm Mio Mio of Lynzkatz
10th Best Cat in Premiership 2016
Silver Spotted Tabby and White Spay

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