Retired Adults and Show Cats

We prefer to place our retired cats in single cat households only. You may, of course, adopt more than one cat.
Spays and neuters in addition to the cats shown on this page sometimes become available. You are welcome to email to check on availability. CFA registration papers are not given when retired adults are adopted from us.

AVAILABLE to a pet home:
Black and White Longhair Scottish Fold Female Kitten
5 months old 

Red Tabby and White Neuter
After a short career as a show cat, he will be available to a pet home

Brown Patched Tabby, Small Spay

Brown Tabby and White Spay
3 Years Old 


Brown Tabby Neuter

10 month old
Silver Patched Spotted Tabby Straight Ear Scottish Fold Spay
Available late summer

A.C. is an 8 month old Red Tabby Boy
 After a short show career, he will be available in early fall.

20 pounds of muscle
Looking for that perfect pet home for only him!

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