Happy Pets


Bilbo lives with the Counts family in Ohio Coco lives with the Cummings family in NYC Sammy and Chester live with the Brunels in NJ

The girls live with the Michaud's in MA. Ace lives with JoAnn in Pittsburgh. Bear lives with Barb and Ron in Pittsburgh.

Asti lives with Nicole in Pittsburgh. Henry lives with Nancy in NJ. Cagney lives with the Ehntholt's in Texas

Tesla and Mobi live in Virginia with the Briggum family Harry lives in Indy with Cheri and Donna Fanny lives with the Takacs girls in Philly

Peanut lives with Sue in Indianapolis Clemantine lives with Donna Doss Winnie lives in Philly with Brooke McDermott

Finley lives with the Evans family. Cosmo and Bentley live with the Rouff family in Cincinnati. Twizzy lives a pampered life with the Scotts in Edmonds, WA.

Taylor and Abby live with Robert Munro in New Mexico. Lucy lives with Deborah White in upstate NY Hemingway lives in Indiana with the Venderlys.

Rusty and Nittany live with the Gilsenan family in NY. Tess and Bentley live with Bobbie Heacock in Castle Rock, WA. Mayer and Weiner live in Baltimore with Daria Shaw and Deb Heer.

Jack lives with the Trembley family in Upstate NY. Sheryl Crow lives with Ginny Melick in Doylestown, PA. Percy hunting on Kim Morton's screened porch in Maryland.

Latte lives with Cheri Carden and Donna Doss in Indianapolis. Quigley lives with Loret Miller in Bethesda, MD. King Ripley relaxing at the Wilsons' home in Pittsburgh.

Maggie lives with the Stuckeys in Bowie, MD. Jack lives with the Kopelmans in New York. Peachy lives with David Launarey in Houston.


Gatsby and Chloe live with Bob Allen and Nick Dambra in NY City. Tiger and Pixie live with Sandy and Dave Harding in Annandale, VA. Oliver lives with Jacqueline and Aniello in NY.

Romo lives with the Hartleps in Delaware. Hodge lives with the Cadmans in Moon Township, PA. Shadow lives with the Schinzel family in Maryland

Victor lives with Kristin and Tucker in Florida. Cinnamon lives with the McElroy family in Cranberry Township, PA. Max and Missy live with Ron Harding in Virginia.

Newton, Robespierre, and Mimi live with the Williams family in Gibsonia, PA. Cody and Zoe are owned by Carly Hays of New York Missy lives with the Atwoods in Ohio.

Roley and Scoop live with the Sherwins in Cleveland. Juci lives with the Cunninghams.in New Jersey. Bruno and Raffi live with the Greens in NY City.

Thor and Freda are owned by the Schlegels in VA. Rudy lives with the Shoemakers in Pittsburgh. Molly and Mitzy live with the Degnans in CT

Dwight lives with the Hurley's in VA Larry (Lynzkatz Latke of Ramapaw) lives with June Kaplan. Ellis Valentine is owned by Nora and Austin in MA.

Yoda lives with the Brooks family in MA. These boys live with Dr and Mrs Greene in NYC Chickie lives with Percy and Emily Neubolt in Philly.

Sadie lives in Ohio with Heather and Vicci Chrissy is owned by the Galatis family in Florida Ollie lives in NJ with the Hartwigs

Boyer is owned by the Galatis family in Florida Lovie lives with the Gongo's in Ohio Bowie and Dexter live with the Kolber's in NJ


Norbie lives in DC with Tiffany Valentino on a play date with Galaxy is owned by Lynn & Michael in New Jersey

Patches and Juci live with Beata in NJ

Rocky lives with Barbara Kearney in Connecticut Gypsy lives in Pittsburgh with Debbie Leo and Curtis live with Heather and Hugh in NY

Furio Waldman lives in Bloomsburg
with Zach and Stefani
GP Lynzkatz Ginger live 
with Cosmo Xiao in China
Trixie lives in NYC with The Wild's 

Tyler John lives by the beach in Long Island with Linda and Rose Flint lives with the Ferarri's in NJ Elroy and Otis live in Seattle 
with Susan and John


Forrest and Belle are very happy with the Garlitz family in Pittsburgh Elroy, Thelma and Otis live in Washington State with Susan Coughlin This is Momo who lives in Texas with the Yue's

Sesame lives with Jeff and Mirna in NYC Finn and Jax live with Russ, Megan and Riley in Eastern PA Walker lives in Philly with the Bruce Castor family.


Isaak lives with Ann in upstate NY Buddy lives with the Lutz family in Northeastern PA Lovie and Captain Squeek live with Laura in Ohio

This sweet girl lives with the Jia's in NJ Inky lives with Eleanor in NYC Furio and Vinny live with Stefanie and Zach

Here is Delilah who lives with Anna in the Cape with friends Teagan and Daisy Maximus and Marcus are living in NY with the Shiraishi's Teagan also lives with Anna in the Cape

Limbo lives with Lisa Gaffney in NJ Jackson lives with Patty and his kitty sisters in Bethesda Jethro lives with the Sharp's in Leesburg

Chip lives with Pete King in NY Sylvester lives with the VandeKerkoff family in Michigan Mykee lives with Michele in Florida

Billy and Lucian live with the McDowell's in western PA Charley lives with the Melanson family Sophie lives with the DuBois family in Delaware

Limbo living the good life with Lisa Gaffney in Mexico. Sophie lives with the DuBois family in Demaware Bentley lives in NJ with Racovsky's!

Dexter and Jesse live with Tim in NJ Baysie and Sesame live in NYC with Mirna Shiloh is loving his retired life with Kathleen in Philadelphia

Cookie lives with the Castor's in eastern PA Sunny lives with Emma in Washington, DC Nancy is happy in her pet home with Chrissy and is now known as Samantha.

Kiev lives with Cindy in Chicago Pepper lives in Sewickley with Gail Pharaoh lives with Anna in NY

Mason is living with the Hall family Henry lives with Annette in NY

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